Providing Coordinated Fisheries and Marine Observer Services

Fishing Trawler in Irish Waters

There is a growing requirement for observers in order to provide data for fisheries management within European waters. EU fisheries and environmental legislation are increasing greatly the requirement for fisheries related data to meet CFP reform goals on discarding and fishing effort.

Market forces and consumers are demanding more information about fishing activities. Environmental certification schemes such as the MSC require verification that fisheries are conducted sustainably.

Fin Whale

There is greater competition for marine space with the continued development of the oil & gas and cable laying sectors in addition to the rapidly expanding renewable energy field. All of these sectors overlap and interact with fisheries and stakeholders as will Irish commitments to the EU habitats directive and Marine protected areas.

Dive in Irish Waters

Irish Observer Network can provide a pool of professional, experienced, objective third-party fisheries observers to engage with any of these challenges. We have experienced observers with a range of experience from ex-fishermen to qualified marine biologists all with significant seagoing experience. We can provide a professional data management and compilation service while offering reporting solutions to meet your requirements.