Fin Whale

Fisheries observers

  • Independent non enforcement experienced observers
  • At sea data collection services for MSC accreditation, effort and discarding compliance and gear trials
  • Catch, effort and discarding data collection across metiers for inshore and offshore fisheries
  • Professional data compilation, quality control and report production

Marine mammal and seabird surveys

Irish Fishing Vessel
  • JNCC trained, experienced seagoing observers
  • MMO observers for seismic, drilling and cable layer vessels
  • Experienced in sighting and passive acoustic survey techniques
  • Sighting and abundance surveys

Fisheries liaison with the offshore and renewable energy sectors

  • Experienced fisheries liaison from within the fishing industry
  • Provision of local knowledge of vessels and fishing grounds

Fisheries Consultancy

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment for marine sectors
  • Baseline studies for inshore fisheries including GIS mapping of fishing grounds
  • Survey design services for quantitative abundance estimates